Exquisite Drinks for Discerning Palates

Immerse yourself in a world of refined flavors with our drinks menu. Savor the Irish Whisky Martini, Perfect Cosmopolitan, and Whiskey Espresso Martini, among other exquisite libations. Explore the artistry of mixology today.

Garvey's Special Cocktails

  • Irish Whiskey Martini

    Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey, Dry Vermouth, Orange Bitters

  • Dark N' Stormy
  • Manhattan - Original
  • Classic Martini

    With Olives or Lime Twist

  • Mojito

    Jose Cuervo & Fresh Lime juice

  • Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Perfect Cosmopolitan

    New York Original, Tito's Vodka

  • Garvey's Dill Pickle Bloody Mary
  • Katonah Khaser

    Tito's Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin, Grapefruit Cranberry Sour Mix

  • New York Mule
  • Revolver

    Bullet Bourbon, Coffee Liquor & Orange Bitters

  • Aperol Spritz

    Apersol Prosecco, Club Soda, Slice of Orange

GRACE’s Bliss

Vodka based cocktail with Chambord liqueur & fruit juice. This innovative creation, inspired by the French martini, offers a unique blend of flavors and an even more unique purpose: supporting The GRACE Foundation of New York’s efforts to better the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
$2 of each drink sold will go directly to The GRACE Foundation.
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